Parashikimet e çmimeve të shenjave për Ethereum Classic & Dogecoin – A mund të kapërcejë parashitja e rrjetit të kolateralit?

Analysts have revised price predictions for Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) following Bitcoin’s (BTC) tumble. 

As the markets ponder the effects of a high-rate environment and stocks begin to slide, many forecast a bearish trend becoming dominant. However, the Collateral Network (COLT) presale defies this larger movement powered by the project’s real-world utility. 


Collateral Network Looks to Gain 3,500% in Coming Weeks

Rrjeti kolateral is the world’s first decentralized lending protocol that unlocks on-chain liquidity for tangible assets, introducing a new collateral base into DeFi. Off-chain assets remain less prone to price fluctuation currently observable in crypto, providing a more secure form of collateral. This onboards a new set of users with a lower risk threshold into DeFi.

Collateral Network leverages artificial intelligence (AI) in its valuation process. Following the appraisal period, the protocol mints an NFT fully collateralized by the asset, supporting real estate, vintage cars, luxury watches, fine art, and more. 

The owner can then access institutional-level liquidity on the marketplace thanks to fractionalization, allowing lenders worldwide to contribute.These lenders earn passive income from interest payments, and asset owners unlock liquidity while retaining ownership. 

As credit availability tightens, Collateral Network (COLT) has introduced a new paradigm in asset-backed lending. As a result, analysts have forecast an incredibly bullish 3,500% move for $COLT in the coming weeks before the presale closes. 

Parashikimi i çmimeve klasike të Ethereum

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has had its price predictions revised by analysts who now predict a range of $22.81 and $26.81 for the Ethereum Classic token this year. 

Analysts have cited numerous problems that Ethereum Classic must overcome, including increased interest in Ethereum (ETH) following the Shapella upgrade and the completion of staking services, and more stringent regulations for cryptos that utilize the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism due to concerns of energy consumption.

Ethereum Classic is the legacy record of the original Ethereum blockchain, which was altered after the infamous DAO hack. Ethereum Classic’s value comes from two things. Its smart contract functionality and long-term Ethereum Classic will climb, gaining historical importance as the space matures.

Ethereum Classic has already retraced by 9% this week. With the broader crypto downtrend and retail investors keen to earn staking rewards, analysts cite several rough months ahead for Ethereum Classic.


Parashikimi i çmimit Dogecoin 

Dogecoin looks increasingly fragile, open short interest has skyrocketed, and with other memecoins- notably $PEPE- collapsing, analysts’ similarly revised price predictions for DOGE predicting a range between $0.082 and $0.098 this year.

Dogecoin has retraced since the start of the week, losing more than 10% in the last seven days. Dogecoin also received bad news with Elon Musk stepping down as CEO of Twitter; Musk has consistently used the platform to bring attention to Dogecoin and caused the token to pump sporadically.

Without Musk’s influence, Dogecoin will lose the attention of retail traders, and as a memecoin, DOGE thrives on attention. The larger momentum change towards utility instead of hype also threatens DOGE and explains why investors and analysts favor Collateral Network.

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